100 Places to See

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This weekend, we have decided to do what you would expect and make our own list of the 100 places you need to see in your lifetime. These are places we have been, or they are on our lists! Keep it as a handy reminder of what’s out there, or what the heck, use it as a checklist. Start crossing some things off!!

North America

  1. Vancouver, Canada
  2. Banff and Lake Louise (Rocky Mountains), Canada
  3. Icefields Parkway, Canada
  4. Toronto, Canada
  5. Montreal, Canada
  6. Quebec City, Canada
  7. The Maritimes, Canada
  8. Hawaii, USA
  9. Los Angeles, USA
  10. San Francisco, USA
    China Beach, San Francisco, USA (@wandering.kait, April 2014) #USA #Cali #california #sanfran #goldengate #bridge #beach #ocean #roadtrip #wanderlust #explore #travel #adventure

    China Beach, San Francisco, USA

  11. Las Vegas, USA
  12. Chicago, USA
  13. New Orleans, USA
  14. New York City, USA
  15. Havana, Cuba
  16. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  17. Mexico City, Mexico
  18. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

South America

  1. Easter Island
  2. Macchu Picchu, Peru
  3. La Paz, Bolivia
  4. Patagonia, Argentina/Chile
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  1. London, England
  2. Brighton, England
  3. Bath, England
  4. York, England
  5. The Cotswolds, England
  6. Stonehenge, UK
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland
  8. Isle of Skye, Scotland
  9. Davids, Wales
  10. Paris, France
  11. Normandy, France
  12. Dordogne, France
  13. Palma, Majorca
  14. Madrid, Spain
  15. Barcelona, Spain
  16. Florence, Italy
  17. Venice, Italy
  18. Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy

    Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

  19. Pompeii, Italy
  20. Alps, Switzerland
  21. Vienna, Austria
  22. Salzburg, Austria
  23. Berlin, Germany
  24. Munich, Germany
  25. Cologne, Germany
  26. Nuremburg, Germany
  27. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
  28. Black Forest, Germany
  29. Bruges, Belgium
  30. Reykjavik, Iceland
  31. Copenhagen, Denmark
  32. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  33. Bergen, Norway
  34. Nærøyfjord, Norway
  35. Stockholm, Sweden
  36. Tallinn, Estonia
  37. Petersburg, Russia
  38. Kraków, Poland
  39. Prague, Czech Republic
  40. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  41. Budapest, Hungary
  42. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  43. Plitvice Falls, Croatia
  44. Athens, Greece
    Time. (@jenna_anders Sept. 2014). Acropolis, Athens, Greece. #greece #athens #wanderlust #travel #beautiful

    Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

  45. Istanbul, Turkey
  46. Cappadocia, Turkey


  1. Miyajima Island/Hiroshima, Japan
  2. Naoshima, Japan
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Kyoto, Japan
  5. Beijing, China
  6. Shanghai, China
  7. Xi’an, China
  8. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  9. Hoi An, Vietnam
  10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  11. Siam Reap, Cambodia
  12. Luang Prabang, Laos
  13. Langkawa Island, Malaysia
  14. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Petronas Towers. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (@jaimiejayyy, October, 2014) #petronastowers #kualalumpur #kl #malaysia #skyscraper #architecture #wanderlust #adventure

    Petronas Towers. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  15. Koh Tao, Thailand
  16. Chaing Mai, Thailand
  17. Bangkok, Thailand
  18. Bali, Indonesia
  19. Singapore
  20. Taj Mahal, Agra, India
  21. Dehli, India
  22. Petra, Jordan


  1. Marrakech, Morocco
  2. Fez, Morocco
  3. Sahara Desert
  4. Great Pyramids, Egypt
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Durban, South Africa
  7. Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania


  1. Sydney, Australia
    Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Milford Sound, New Zealand
  4. Brisbane, Australia
  5. The Great Barrier Reef




So apparently we can’t count… but there are just too many amazing places in this world! Nothing was insignificant enough to warrant booting it off the list. And yet, I’m sure we’ve missed so many places. Let us know what’s on your list in the comments below. Happy dreaming!