A Love Letter to Vancouver

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I think it took all of two minutes for me to fall head over heels in love.

I’d been to Vancouver as a teenager a few times, but lets be honest, when we are teenagers we are so caught up in other things to notice cities. I didn’t become such a travel junkie as a teenager, because I truly think it takes being an adult to appreciate buildings, scenery, and great food. So honestly, how was I to know what amazing things were right in front of me when I walked around Stanley Park at 15 years old. How was I to know that within these city limits were some of the coolest places I would ever eat and drink? I wasn’t ready.


And then in 2011 it happened. We moved my brother to Vancouver in the summer of that year, and I instantly knew that one day I wanted to make it my home too.

Vancouver is just my type. That’s all there is to it. Its metropolitan but has a way of letting nature stay involved. The beaches and parks are outstanding. The Mercer quality of life ranking listed Vancouver as the top city to live in Canada. It’s a winner. (You can read that here at the National Post! Or even here at Mercer’s website.)


The weather can be dismal, but I’ll take rain over snow any day. And trust me, I know, I lived in London. Constant rain is practically my ally. And in the summer, when the sun is out, there is no better place to be than the seawall.


I visit several times a year of course, I get a chance to see my brother and the amazing new places he’s found. There is always something new that makes me want to revisit. So I’ve compiled a huge list of places I have to see again and again each time I go. For instance, from now on I will always have a coffee bun at Pappa Roti. I will do my darndest to have a local beer at Black Frog. I will hike around Stanley Park in the rain if I have to. I will shop on Robson Street and wander the market on Granville Island. I will go back and get a flight of beer at Steamworks. I promise.


I love Vancouver. It’s one of my favourite places. Maybe I’m partial to it because my baby brother lives there. Maybe it’s because I’m always so happy there. I don’t know exactly why.

But I’m going back. Indefinitely.

  • Lasina Jacobsen

    One of my favorite places too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!