Churchill’s Secret Bunker

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It was a late drunken evening in London and the boys and I decided it would be a good idea to walk through the park and find Churchill’s Secret Bunker.

Earlier that day, Chris had been watching a program on Churchill and the war, and it explored the underground of the England of WWII. The episode touched on not only the bunker in Whitehall that we can all go visit, but a very secret one that no one really knows about. This secret bunker was only used twice by Churchill (he apparently hated it), and today is hidden in a corner of London that unless you lived in, you probably wouldn’t venture.


View from our little flat

Lucky for us, we DID live nearby. Chris nearly had a fit when he learned of the bunker in the nearby Neasden, a mere 20 minute walk from our Willesden Green flat. It sounded so great so we just went for it.

Mind you, we couldn’t go in, and we knew it. Visitors are rarely allowed into the bunker itself, I think only on certain London open house days can they actually take visitors in. But we were more than happy to just see the door. The scary as hell door.


The Scary Door

So off we went into the dark night. I think it was something like midnight by the time we set out, but we were excited nonetheless. It felt like an adventure! The night was pitch black, but even in January the weather was fine!

I want to say something really exciting happened, but we found the bunker without any hiccups. And honestly, it was pretty cool. A little piece of history right on our doorstep. We all stood for pictures, being the cute little nerds that we are, giant grins on our faces.

We were on an adventure.


If you want to learn more about the secret bunker, and even see some photos of the inside, you can check it out here.