Coachella 2015 Playlist

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Nothing makes me happier than line-up day. And when I say line-up day, I mean the day that I get to thoroughly examine, dissect and devour the line-up of whatever music festival I happen to have tickets for. With the line-up poster open in one window, iTunes (or more recently, Spotify) in the other, I go through the line-up line by line, gloat over the bands I know and love, and investigate the ones I have yet to come across. This year, that lucky festival happens to be Coachella!


Coachella Lineup


In the usual fashion, Coachella announced this year’s lineup in early January, with the official ticket sale following the next day. Yeesh, Goldenvoice did NOT leave lots of time to make the call on whether or not to buy tickets. A quick glance through did it for me though. We had our tickets in hand the next day.

This will be my third Coachella, and I am beyond excited. Coachella is a magical place. That first step on the luscious polo field grass is indescribable. It’s an absolutely beautiful moment. And the party hasn’t even gotten started at that point.


The line-up this year is quite perplexing. I love it, but it is certainly lacking in many respects. I don’t know very many of the bands performing this year, but the ones I do know, I simply adore. This playlist was hard to put together because of that. You guys almost had a playlist filled to the brim with Kasabian, Florence & the Machine, Milky Chance and Alt-J. Oops!

On the other hand, line-ups like these are fantastic. They challenge you to explore music and find new artists that you may eventually come to love. This year is without a doubt one of those years. I have already found so many artists that I really like and will hopefully fall in love with after seeing them live. So with that, I present to you my Coachella 2015 playlist. All of the bands that I hope to catch, and then some!

Enjoy 🙂

Disclaimer – The only reason AC/DC is NOT on this playlist is because Spotify doesn’t have any of their material for some crazy reason. I will most definitely be out there rocking out to those guys!