Dubrovnik’s Best Kept Secret

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Croatia wasn’t even on my radar before 2013.

Boy was I missing out.

Somehow Croatia, Dubrovnik to be more specific was added to the tail end of our Eurotrip in 2013. We figured after 4 and a half weeks of backpacking we deserved some R and R, right? Dubrovnik ended up being the perfect place for this. We rented a flat inside the city walls which allowed us to see (in my opinion) the best part of Dubrovnik. We did venture outside the city walls a few times in search of food and beaches but the majority of our time was spent inside the walls.


There are a few things that are must do’s when you are visiting Dubrovnik. One for example is Walk the walls, which I have to admit we didn’t do…. We were much to busy eating, drinking, swimming and lazing about. Oops! One thing I was obsessed with doing however was finding Dubrovnik’s best kept secret… Cafe Buza.

Buza literally translates to hole, which is where you will find this little gem, through a hole in the old walls of Dubrovnik perfectly nestled in the rock. Look for the sign that says ‘Cold drinks with the most beautiful view’ and climb through the hole and behold the beauty that awaits you, sweeping panoramic views of the open Adriatic, the historic island of Lokrum, and the stark hills of Southern Dalmatia.

Seriously heaven.




So grab a couple hundred Kuna and grab a drink and relax in the shade. Take in the majestic views. Maybe have two drinks, and then make your way down the staircase towards the water. Grab a piece of rock and lay out and watch the locals and tourists alike leap off the cliffs into the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea. If you are feeling brave please, please climb up the rocks and jump! I did. After a few drinks, and some convincing. I am so glad that I did. Jumping off the cliff into the water is one of the highlights of my entire Eurotrip. Sadly there is no photographic evidence of my bad-assery so you will have to take my word for it. Or google Cafe Buza cliff jumping to get an idea 😉




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Happy travels.