Fairy Pools – Isle of Skye, Scotland

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I am a Pinterest addict. Ask anyone who knows me. When I was planning my first backpacking trip I used it religiously searching for packing lists, popular backpacking routes, things to do along the way…. Seriously you name it I looked it up. Pinterest is packed to the brim with anything and everything you could possibly think of…..

So obviously Pinterest is where I first stumbled upon the Fairy Pools. Gorgeous pools of water falling into gorgeous pools of water multiplied by a hundred. Hidden in the shadows of the black Cuillin mountains, tucked up in the corner of Scotland in a sleepy little town called the Isle of Skye. Majestic is the only word that I think accurately describes this place. I had to go there.

So the Isle of Skye was officially in the lineup for our UK/Euro trip 2013. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

From Edinburgh we embarked on our journey to Skye via a rented car. That was an adventure in itself. (Stick shift driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting in the wrong side of the car). To this day it is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever taken, even with the two near death experiences. Think lochs on lochs on lochs, beautiful rolling hills and highland cows. Breathtaking. After hours and hours of driving (I think 8 or 9 in total with all of the stops we took to take photos) we arrived in Skye! We wound up a hill on a single lane road and arrived at our hostel ‘Skyewalker Hostel’ which was nestled atop the hill in the most picturesque setting you can think of.

Once we were all settled in the first order of business was the Fairy Pools. We chatted with the hostel owner and got the low down on the location. We told him of our plans to hike up to the pools and take a dip and he thought we were absolutely bonkers. It was late June but a very overcast, chilly day. We were hesitant about doing it after we witnessed his reaction but we had come all that way…. So we slipped on our swimsuits and bundled up and headed off the find the pools.

We drove the short distance and parked our little Nissan Micra and headed off on foot. We hiked and posed for photos and hiked and posed for more photos until we had finally come to place that I had seen in all of those Pinterest photos. There are no words to describe the joy I felt. Just absolutely stunning. We continued on to a more accessible pool and after a bit of convincing we stripped down to our suits and made the plunge. The hostel owner was right to think we were bonkers. That water was absolutely freezing. And I’m Canadian so I know cold. It felt like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body. Just kidding. It was cold, but not Titanic level cold. We frolicked in the water until we couldn’t feel our extremities and then it was time to make the trek back to the warmth of the car. On our way back down we saw a couple other guys taking a dip too…. In full on wetsuits… Seeing that made us feel pretty hardcore!

Fairy Pools at the base of the black Cuillin mountains.

Arriving at the Pools.

The famous Fairy Pools.

The famous Fairy Pools.

Brrrrr, post Fairy Pool dip.

Brrrrr, post Fairy Pool dip.


The Fairy Pools rank very high on my favourite places ever list. I’m talking top 5. The untouched beauty is astounding. I highly encourage everyone to take a trip to Scotland at some point in your life. Once you’re in Scotland take a few days and go to Skye. Go check out the Fairy Pools. Stop at the Talisker Distillery first and get some scotch and then go to the Fairy Pools. You will not regret it, I promise you.