Fly Comfortable: Arrival and Sitting Pretty

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Landing safely is always my favourite part of the flight. You might be lucky enough to catch me peeking out of the window during descent. My adrenaline takes over and all I can think about is the destination.

The best feeling, one of my all time favourites actually, is the air in a new place. Breathing the new air signals a new adventure.

The worst feeling, is jetlag. Add that to the hours and hours of sitting in a dry airplane and your body is screaming for some tlc. I also want you to be able to walk out of the airport with confidence because even though I love travel, I hate confusion. I want you to be arrive with confidence. Use these and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.


By spending a few extra minutes in the airport bathroom you can freshen up to feel (almost) like new. Also, do some homework before you arrive so you know how you will get to the city centre.

1. Know your route. This is something you will have to do some homework on. I always always always have an idea of how I’m getting to my hotel/B&B/hostel. Know if you need to take a cab, a train, a bus, or if you rent a car, find out where to go. I really don’t like the panic that sets in when you realize that you have no idea how to get to your hotel, and no internet. At least have an idea of what you’re doing, or you’ll ending up doling out money when you don’t have to.

2. Get your bags. Of course. If you are making a connecting flight, just ask your host if you need to collect your bags between flights. This gives my mum more stress than it’s worth. Just ask. People are paid to know these things.

3. Freshen up. Before you leave the airport, spend some time freshening up. I like to do this so I don’t feel like garbage for the rest of the day. This is especially important if you can’t check in until later in the day and you’ve arrived insanely early. I’m not really talking about a fresh coat of makeup really. I’m talking more about taking care of your dry skin, all the static you’ve accumulated, and your hydration. These are a few things I use to freshen up. I always feel better after! And I always pack this stuff in my carry on too, just in case my luggage never shows up.

  • face wipes and/or oil free cleansing cloths
  • deodorant
  • blush – I feel like a ghost when I get off the plane. I am also a very pale person. 
  • dry shampoo spray (travel size) – this is my best friend
  • leave in conditioner (for out of control static) – the shampoo and conditioner make you feel like you’ve had a shower. Sort of.
  • good hand lotion
  • foundation/concealer
  • static guard (travel size) – THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND. I attract static like a moth to a flame.
  • sunscreen – if you are in a hot location you need to protect your beautiful skin!

Trust me. Even just a little bit of freshening up will help you take on the world! Sometimes I even have a coffee at the airport if I can’t get into my accommodation right away or if I can’t find luggage storage. I really don’t like lugging my bags into café after café in town (like that time I had 5 hours to kill in Reykjavik).

Now get out of that airport and onto your new adventure!!!!


  • Lasina Jacobsen

    Great advice Jenna! 🙂