Fly Comfortable: Up in the Air

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There is always a baby.

Nothing wrong with babies. They have to get around too.

Here is Part TWO of my trilogy about flying comfortably. Today, I’ll let you in on my secrets. They aren’t really secrets, they are just things I’ve come up with to make the journey a little better for you and your flying partners.

In the Air

So you’ve made it through the horror of airport security. You have used the toilet, you’ve stocked up on water. Now it’s time to queue up to get on the airplane. Have you noticed that people queue way ahead of their section being called? Queue up at your discretion. We are all getting into the same tin can.

1.   Airplanes are very dry. The air is uncomfortable and I always seem to end up with static all around me. To combat the dryness I drink so much water on the plane. As previously mentioned in my last post (Fly Comfortable: Departure) , water is so important, especially when you are flying. Staying hydrated will help combat static cling, jetlag, dark circles, and the obvious one: dehydration. Liquor and coffee are bad choices while flying if you are susceptible to the dry plane air. They will just make dehydration worse. So most of the time I stick with water or tea.

2.   Move around on the plane. Please wait until the captain has switched off the seatbelt sign. Do your best to keep your blood circulating. Get up once every few hours to combat blood clots (and if you follow point #1 you will probably have no problem getting up to use the bathroom). On a long haul flight, I get up between movies, or when nature calls. If you really must stay seated, then try some ankle exercises to keep your blood moving.

3.   Ebooks are my best friend on a plane. I can carry my weight in books that way! A lot of airlines will now let you keep in on from take off to landing, which is nice for those of us who need a distraction. I know a lot of people who like a real book to flip through, and that’s great too!! Reading is awesome!

4.   If I’m wearing socks and my feet don’t offend anyone, I take my shoes off in flight. Only on those long overseas ones though. I feel infinitely more comfortable this way. But be aware. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane with someone who has smelly feet, especially if that person is you.

5.   I said ebooks were my best friend, but I lied. EARPLANES ARE MY BEST FRIEND. Period. These are for those of us unfortunates that cannot regulate pressure in our ears. I cannot. And it is horrible. When I found out earplanes were a thing I jumped for joy. When I used them and they worked better than gum ever could, I cried happiness. These little miracles regulate the pressure for you when you put them in your ears. They are sort of corkscrew shaped earplugs that will save your poor little ears. I love them. They are the one thing I CANNOT fly without. You can usually get them at drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart (CANADA), London Drugs (CANADA), or even Boots (UK). Some airport shops sell them as well, usually beside the rotating stands that also sell overprices travel pillows. When I fly I put them in before we take off, and I don’t dare remove them. I did once and I think I overestimated the time I needed to put them back in and the descent was hell. But this might be different for everyone! They also make child sized earplanes, so give these a try if your kids have a tough time with ear pain while flying.

6. How you dress for the airplane is up to you really. On a short flight I would prefer to be in the clothes that I’m going to be in all day. On long flights however, it’s much funner to feel comfortable. Maybe not ‘pajamas’ comfortable, but you get the idea. I also like to take an infinity scarf with me because it doubles as a blanket, and I usually find airplanes a little on the cool side.

7.   Again, the final step is RELAX. You aren’t going anywhere (even though you technically are). Try to make the most of your time. Eat your dinner, drink your water. Brush up on your language skills or read your guidebook and find out how to get to that café you’ve been dreaming about. If you have the right attitude, flying can be pretty cool.


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    Great article Jenna and good advice! 🙂