Germany Memories

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Evie – Oktoberfest 2011, Munich

My University housemate of 4 years (and bestie), Paddy, is from Germany. I had the pleasure of visiting him, along with several friends, in his hometown of Piesenkam, Bavaria and Oktoberfest in Munich. Highlights included learning:

Lesson 1: Some ski runs turn into toboggan hills in summer – awesome fun!

Lesson 2: Oktoberfest is in September – not October (luckily I found this out before I left)

Lesson 2: Tip the pretzel/beermaid or she will never, ever return to you.

Lesson 3: Don’t try and keep up with the boys when it comes to drinking beer. Just don’t (if you’re me anyway)…you’ll soon learn your lesson when your lunch again.

Lesson 4: Despite trying to convince Paddy to drink as much as we did and that we would totally know how to get home if he was drunk too, we did actually needed a designated ‘lesser’-drinker. We were all complete tourists and I’m honestly not sure we would have made it out of the beer tent, let alone home without him. What a trooper.

Lesson 5: Try and get back to Munich and Oktoberfest asap.

Munich 2011













Jenna – The Wedding, April 2014

I am no stranger to Germany. Chris’ mum is from a small town in North-Rhine Westphalia called Bielefeld. We have visited Chris’ family several times, but the best visit was for his uncle André and (now aunt) Melanie’s wedding in April of 2014. They are around our age, and the wedding was very small, probably 20 of their closest friends and just us, their parents, and their siblings there for family. So of course, we were the only Canadians, and besides Melanie’s brother from Leeds, we were the only ‘foreigners’.



We went a week early to be part of Polterabend, an evening of dish smashing. The shards of ceramic bring luck to the marriage, and the couple cleans it up together, signifying that they will work together in their new life. It was totally new to us, but trust me, it didn’t take long for us to start smashing plates and cups into the wall.



The wedding itself was too much fun, because it gave us a bit of insight into the different traditions that exist in Germany around weddings. We had such a great time, met some great people, and experienced one of the coolest and most laid back weddings ever. It was a small and intimate affair, I ate too much spaetzle, there was a magician at one point, and I totally missed the cake cutting (sorry guys) because I got too caught up making friends, as you do. André and Melanie just celebrated their one year anniversary last month!! Love them!


Jaimie – Berlin, 2011

Germany holds a very special place in my heart. First and foremost it is where my fiancés parents are from (Berlin and Hamburg). It was also MVK and I’s first trip overseas together. One of my favourite trips of all time. We stayed in the coolest apartment right off of Kurfurstendamm or Ku’damm, one of the coolest avenues I have visited to date. We explored the city, visited with family, took a day trip to Wolfsburg and hung out at the VW factory! I ate so much schnitzel and spargel (ohne soße ager mit Butter bitte). We shopped and saw the sights. We ate at the revolving restaurant in the TV tower which had spectacular views of the city. We danced the night away at the disco and got robbed in a sketchy casino. Visited the berlin wall, spent hours and hours at every museum we could get into. I ate so much pommes from the imbiss a few doors down from our apartment, seriously at least once a day. We did everything on this trip! I have such fond memories of Berlin, one of the most spectacular cities I have ever laid eyes on. I can’t wait to return!!! <3


Pommes and currywurst from the imbiss. Best.

Berlin Wall Art

Berlin Wall Art

TV tower with revolving restaurant.

TV tower with revolving restaurant.