If I Could Leave Tomorrow

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It’s one of those questions that I like to ask myself every now and then. If I were to leave tomorrow, where would I go? I often find myself day dreaming about the next adventure, and sometimes asking myself this question helps me narrow down my field of vision.

At the moment, I’m torn between a grand Japanese adventure, or a New Zealand road trip. Should I revisit the UK, explore my favorite haunts and visit old friends? Would a simple holiday somewhere south do the trick?

Do you ask yourself the question? There is an entire world of possibility, new adventures, and amazing experiences. You just have to commit, just buy that ticket. Seriously, just do it. Go for it. If I haven’t been somewhere new by this time next year then I’ve failed myself.

Here is the beginning of a brand new year. Maybe don’t make a resolution, we never keep them anyway. Just promise to something good for yourself, and in my case, that means exploring. In the first week of this year I’ve taken an icy dip in the Pacific and wandered the rainforest trails around my new home. If every week offers me a new experience in exploration then I will take it!

So where would I go if I could leave tomorrow? Anywhere. Soon I will decide, and I’ll grab that ticket that has until now been so elusive. The year is a blank slate, and I can see so many wonderful things ahead. Maybe I WILL go on a grand Japanese adventure! Maybe I WILL head to NZ and tromp around the beautiful landscapes.

Welcome to 2016 everyone! Hope the year ahead is wonderful for all of you too!!!

Let me know if you have any adventures planned! I want to hear about them!!!