Mexico Memories

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Hello Rainy Mexico

 Rainy Mexico – Evie 

After extensive research, we chose Mexico over Cuba because of the ‘reliably’ sunny weather in February. Yet it rained. And when it rained, it poured. Having found some wifi and looked ahead at the weather report for the week, we decided to explore the town whilst the weather was overcast. We, ironically, ended up in a Cuban restaurant on the malecon. All of a sudden, the heavens opened and a heavy thunderstorm began. We had a full-blown,  major thunderstorm with fork lightening which was pretty cool to watch over the ocean but not quite what we signed up for. We decided to make the most of the bar we were temporarily stuck in and took advantage of the 2 for 1 mojitos. An hour or two later, and significantly ‘on our way’, we decided to brave the now light rain and trek across town, back to our bus. The town was flooded. Taxis were driving slowly through the rain and the My poor little flip flops stood no chance.

I can’t say that the rain ruined our vacation, we still had some sunshine and we certainly had a lot of fun. I guess the lesson learned was what we all seem to learn at one time or another – you can plan and research for a vacation all you like, but something unexpected will happen. Scratch that…true lesson? Mojitos soften the blow of a rainy vacation! 🙂

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Time

Puerto Vallarta – Mexican Mojito Time

Broke – Jenna

The first 30 minutes. That’s what I got in Mexico injury free.

This was the only beach holiday we had ever taken, and because resorts aren’t really our thing we opted to stay in a boutiquey sort of hotel, right on the beach. I was excited. I had lost 30 lbs and bought myself some new bikinis. So what’s the first thing you do on your first beach trip ever!? Go to the beach!

My friend Syd and I got into the beautiful turquoise ocean as soon as we possibly could. The weather was warm, the sea was so inviting. After we spent 15 minutes in the water we decided to head up for a drink.

It was so stupid. I somehow managed to kick a boulder on the beach.

First time in Mexico, first beach holiday, first broken toe.


Swimming with Catfish – Ariel

In October 2013 I went to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding. This was my first all-inclusive vacation. As you may have gathered already… this isn’t exactly my type of vacation. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself immensely or that all-inclusives don’t have their place, but I’m not one to enjoy sitting on a beach all day (plus I really don’t like the heat).

So, on our week in Mexico, we took a tour to Chitzen Itza, one of the Mayan ruins in the area. On our way back we stopped at a cenote – a sinkhole in the ground exposing an underground pool. The site of it in the middle of the jungle just urges you to jump in. So we climbed down to the bottom of the pit and then peered into the glimmering pool.

There were fish. Lots and lots of fish. Catfish. Fish kind of creep me out. The idea of swimming with them, their slimy bodies touching me… it is just creepy. But we’d come all this way. So, brave soul that I am, I made my mom jump in first. I followed quickly after and frantically swung my arms and legs to keep the fish away.

I have to admit, I didn’t last long… but it was an experience not to be missed.

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