Moving to the Edge of the World

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Hey. Jenna here.
It’s been awhile. And no, it’s not because I’ve been overwhelmed with work or school, like I know some of my other Canucks have been.
It’s because a) I’ve been spending my writing time actually working, and writing my very first novel, and b) laziness.
So I want to get back into the swing of things, and how better than to talk about my new (or 1-year-old) home.
My husband and I made the big decision to leave Edmonton, yet again, and this time to head west. And west. And further west, until we reached the sea. Basically the edge of the world.

My friends, we settled in Ucluelet, on the coast of Vancouver Island.
Never heard of it? I hadn’t either. But you may have heard of our more famous neighbor: Tofino. These two towns form the basis of surf out here on the coast, and really, I don’t know that I’ve ever met more pleasant people. Now, when I visit Vancouver, which has normally been a place of solace for me, I find it noisy and crass and insane (but I still love it).
Our two tiny towns, with a combined population of just over 3000 people, become tourist MECCA in the summer. I think we get something over a million tourists coming through every year, and trust me, we feel it. But the tourists push our little town forward, and having been here for a year, I can definitely see the drawbacks, but also, the perks of the visitors.
So aside from the amazingly polite people, and the ability to meet more Germans than I probably did in Germany, I would have to say my favorite thing about Ukee (local slang, how do you like that?) is the unbelievably gorgeous setting.
I’m serious. I have traveled enough to know that we have something special. And this year, because of our dollar being so low, a lot of people came and spent their vacations here. No doubt. Ukee is gorgeous. Bottom line.
I moved here just over a year ago, on November 23rd of 2015. It was sort of a fitting date for me, because my grandpa Mike, who passed away in 2011, had spent some of his youth out here in Ucluelet, and November 23rd was his birthday.
I know. Life is sometimes mysterious.

Edge of the road

One of the many gorgeous trails

My parents and I took a trip up to the lighthouse here in town, which looks out to Barclay Sound and the expanse of the wide Pacific Ocean. And lo and behold, I KID YOU NOT, we saw 3 orcas swimming by at sunset. There was some serious magic at work.
The Wild Pacific Trail runs all along our little town, offering amazing views of the open ocean, with rocky bluffs, tiny spruce-covered islands, and crashing waves as your companions.
We have wildlife too, and more deer than you can shake a stick at, who sometimes like to scare me by pressing their noses up on my patio door while I’m writing. The other day, I had a family of three, a doe and two fawns, munching happily on my cedars out back. We have bears, wolves, and even cougars, but for me, the wildlife just makes it more magical. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what lies near the sea. Orcas and porpoise, humpbacks, and the annual migration of gray whales add to the plethora of amazing creatures you can see out here. We have surfing, as I’ve mentioned, though I myself haven’t worked up the courage to get on a board. There is yoga on the beach, the annual Polar Dip (which my dad and I totally did), and so many fun things going on all the time that it’s easy to forget I live in a town of 1300.
Ukee, and it’s tagline: Life on the Edge, have captured my heart. I will just say that. Because trust me, I have a lot more to say about this amazing place on the far West Coast.

Over the Ocean Edge. Looking West.

Me, by the Sea.