My Travel Bucket List

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The travel Bucket List is my ultimate travel tool. If you’re not sitting there staring at a map, scrolling through pictures, reading books, magazines and yes, even blogs, dreaming about where you want to go, what you have to see, and what you need to go, it’s not going to happen. So I sit and I dream and I read and I make plans. As soon as I get home from one trip I’m looking for what I’m going to do next, making it a goal, something to achieve. So when I got back from Australia and New Zealand… I started looking.

  • Africa 2017 – that’s the goal. It’s always been on my bucket list but I was doing Australia/New Zealand with my mom so timing wise, I wanted that to come first. So when that was over I came back and thought “okay, now it’s time for Africa”. The problem is money… money is always my issue…and vacation time because there’s no way I can go two years again without a vacation, banking my time. So, Africa 2017 – I need a tangible goal or I’ll spend all my money and not save a thing. I’ve researched what I want to do, I know that I want to go in June, July, August, I know that I want to do the Ultimate Africa Tour by GAdventures – 54 days, 8 countries, camping in the African Savannah, trekking for mountain gorillas, witness a portion of the Great Migration. That’s the goal. That’s the next “big” trip.
  • Antarctica – don’t know when but it’ll probably be another GAdventures tour. I have an addiction with what they’re doing over there. I haven’t done one of their tours yet but my brother has. It sounds awesome. And they’re Canadian. When I mention Antarctica though a lot of people think I’m crazy. “Why would you want to go there, what’s there to see?” Ummm… everything? Antarctica is the height of travel to me – it’s unclaimed territory, raw nature, amazing extremes. This is a place few people travel to, few people will see. Antarctica is the trump card, the answer to “Oh, you’ve done a lot of travelling? Me too, where have you gone?” Plus, hello, penguins obviously.
  • Eastern Europe – Most especially Russia but also high on the list is eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland – the pieces of Europe I missed on my Great Contiki Tour (as I’ve now decided to call it).
  • Egypt – Egypt, Egypt, Egypt!! Who doesn’t want to go to Egypt? The pyramids are the last standing Ancient Wonder of the World. And GAdventures has an excellent tour including overnight sailing down the Nile (I really need to actually try one of their tours).
  • India – There’s just something magical sounding about India. A place where anything can happen and everything’s more intense.
  • Eastern Canada ­ Yes, I’m Canadian. But Canada is a vast country and I have never made it east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. So I need to see the Niagara Falls, Ottawa – Canada’s Capital, Toronto, the red beaches of Prince Edward Island, the stony shores of Newfoundland, the Old World splendor of Quebec City.
  • New York City – need I say more? It may be cliché, but things are usually cliché for a reason.
  • New Orleans – something about this city has always captivated me, made me want to experience it. Plus, it’s road trip distance – always a bonus
  • Southeast Asia – what bucket list would be complete without this? I want to see the lush forests and experience the maddening cacophony and wander among ancient civilizations.
  • China ­ Wander along the Great Wall, feed pandas, though I’ve learned through my short stop in Hong Kong never to go back to that area of the world in the summer.
  • England, Scotland, and Ireland – I want to take an unplanned road trip through these countries. Just get in a car and drive and go where the spirit moves me and see EVERYTHING.
  • Sail the World – this is my ultimate dream, one that I don’t find likely to happen. I’ve discovered that I love boats, and water and anything to do with the ocean. I want to take a year (or two or three) and hop on a boat and travel around the world – everywhere. This means I need to find someone who knows how to sail/captain/otherwise operate a boat (of this I have no knowledge) and a LOT of money – because in my head it’s more yacht than sail boat. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Ultimately, though, this list is just a taste because for me it’s anywhere and everywhere. I want to take a riverboat down the Amazon, walk through a Turkish bazaar, wander the streets of Casablanca, find out where Timbuktu is, take the Trans-Siberian railway from St. Petersburg to Beijing, ride a camel through the desert, I want to see everything, do everything. And then I want to do it all over again. Because everything changes and there’s always something new to see, to do. It will never all be the same and it will never be enough and I’ll never stop dreaming and reading and planning and going.

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