My Ultimate Travel Tribute

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So this past weekend brought me home to Ontario. You probably remember me talking about Midland here and here, and this probably won’t be the last time you hear me talk about it. This trip was a little bit different from most of my trips back home, this time we went to celebrate the life of an amazing man, my SuperGramps.


SuperGramps was the best Grandpa I could have ever asked for, I think if you asked any of my cousins they would agree. He was unbelievably funny, often poking fun at us. He was successful but never boastful. He was so proud of his family. His girl Shirl, his six kids and his grandkids and his great-grandkids. I could go on and on about how amazing he was but you’ll have to take my word for it. He was the best.

We said goodbye to our beautiful Grandma Shirley a few years ago, and the feather has become a very familiar sight since then. We had asked Shirl to send us a sign to let us know she made it to Heaven okay, lottery numbers would do… or a feather. Since we said goodbye feathers show up whenever we need a reminder of how much we are loved and how lucky we are to have the family we do, and that Grandma is watching over us.

We got a message loud and clear just moments after we laid SuperGramps next to his girl. This amazing sight that I can only call a message from Heaven, from my Grandma. She was reunited with her beloved husband. <3

Feather in the sky.

Feather in the sky.

This trip back home reminded me how lucky I am to have the people I do in my life. How lucky I am to have grown up where I did. I owe all of that to my amazing Grandparents. They were our rocks. Well… Stones I guess. They brought us all together. Their house on Tiny Beaches Road was the nucleus of our family. It’s where you stayed if you came to visit for the summer. It’s where cousins became best friends. It’s where we laughed and cried and ate, and napped if you were SuperGramps. It was the heart of our family. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute to my favourite place in the entire world, and honour my grandparents then by permanently etching it into my skin. So that’s just what I did. Standing on the deck reminiscing about all of the great meals we had shared here I got the coordinates of the spot where I stood. I then had those numbers inked into my arm. As a reminder to me of where I came from, and as an excuse to tell people about the cottage when they ask what the numbers mean.

Coordinates to my Grandparents cottage.

Coordinates to my Grandparents cottage.


The nucleus.


I am so in love with this place, and so in love with the new addition to my body. Do you have any travel related tattoos? I want to hear about them in the comments below!





  • Jaimie, I am in love with this. Absolutely beautiful!