How the Pursuit of Live Music Changed My Life

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Music is quite simply, a major part of my life. I cannot get enough of it. Live music is my drug of choice. As soon as I turned 18 and able to get into club gigs, I spent most of my money and weekends bouncing around Edmonton’s various music venues catching local and up and coming artists.

Prior to 2010, travelling was never really a thing for me. Sure, it was one of things that people do, but it was never something I actively sought. A friend once approached me with her plan of backpacking through Australia or Europe for a year just because. I quickly declined, having absolutely no desire to spend that much time away from home. When the recession hit in 2009 and my hours were drastically cut back at my only job, I quickly cancelled my tentative trip to Costa Rica. What little expendable cash I had at the time was put towards my first tattoo, which I was more than happy with at the time.

Oh my god, how dumb was I?! 

Now, I wish I had taken those opportunities to see the world. With that in mind however, I probably wouldn’t be the person who I am right now, doing what I’m doing here. So I’m okay with that. Mostly.

music travel coachella california

Coachella Valley Music Festival

2010 was a game changer for me. Early that spring, I was in love with a band (some might say I was a bit obsessed) who had just announced two shows at Wembley Stadium in London, England. I was having a bit of a rough time with various matters in my personal life and made a bit of a spontaneous decision to purchase tickets to these shows. I’ll just fly over for the shows and come back I told myself. Oh, how naive I was. Upon the realization that flights to the UK are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, my tune changed a bit. Okay, maybe I’ll go out the weekend before and hang out for a few days. Boy, am I ever happy that I made that call.

music travel wembley london

Kait at Wembley Stadium

Who was the band you ask? Well, it was Muse. I will be quite blunt about this, but thank freaking god for Muse and my slight obsession with them in 2010. Had it not been for that tour and my spontaneous decision to go and see them in London, I likely would not be a nut for traveling like I am now! That whirlwind trip to London opened my eyes to the wonderful world of travel and traveling for music! I won’t go into the details of the trip here as it truly deserves its own post, or two…. Possibly three. Yeah, it was that much of a game changer for me.

music travel glastonbury

Glastonbury Music & Arts Festival

Since that trip I have seen Coldplay in Paris, gone to Reading Festival twicegone to Coachella twice, explored the magical world of Glastonbury and have seen Muse again in Paris and Rome. What is truly magical about these trips is not the fact that I have seen some cool bands in some random places. It is that my groupie-esque following of these bands has lead me to some exceptional experiences in other countries. I have met some wonderful people on my travels and at these gigs, many of whom I am still friends with. Beyond that, I have seen parts of the world that I may have never made the effort to get to otherwise. And I love that fact.

My pursuit of live music has driven my passion for travel. Travel has deepened my love of live music. So with that said, I can truly say that my pursuit of live music changed my life.

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    Slight obsession..HA!