The One.

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The one.

You typically hear people talking about this in reference to their boyfriend or husband. I talk about it in terms of travel. The one. The one place that totally has my heart. The one place I could go a hundred times (and I bet you I have) and never tire of its beauty and charm. My one is Midland, Ontario, Canada. To be even more specific, Cawaja Beach.

If you were to look through my photos on my computer, the photos on my phone or my instagram feed… you would see hundreds of photos that look just like the one above. The colourful sunset over the calm waters of Georgian Bay (or my personal bathtub as I affectionately call it). Seriously perfection.

Ironstone love

Ironstone love

On the beach a few steps from where that photo was taken was my Grandparents house. That house was the hub of our family. The circular driveway was usually crammed with at least five cars at any given time, and inside was always bustling with activity. My gorgeous gram, usually in the kitchen lovingly making a pot of tea or something delicious to fill our bellies. Aunties and uncles and cousins everywhere! Coming in and out of the house (usually with sandy feet). Super Gramps nodding off on the deck with a book resting in between his hands. Some of my fondest memories happened in that house.

Grams & Super Gramps at the beach

Grams & Super Gramps at the beach

Another exciting event happened on this beach… well sort of, just over six months ago. After a 40 hour road trip from Edmonton (post on that to come) with my other half MVK, we arrived at the beach. After checking out all of our favourite things to do in Midland (post on that, also to come), we decided to spend a day out on the bay on a rented sea-doo. Little did I know… that sea-doo ride was where MVK, would ask me to marry him. Out on the water, looking at my favourite place in the world I got to say yes to my one!

The infamous sea-doo and the ring!

The infamous sea-doo and the ring!

Besides this gem being absolutely gorgeous, and tucked away in ‘Cottage Country’ my ties to it are a little bit more emotional. I spent the best ten years of my life growing up minutes from this hidden oasis. Most of my favourite memories are from here and although I haven’t lived here in quite a few years I do try to go back once or twice a year (when timing and funds allow). No matter how many times I go back this place will forever be the #1 spot on my vacation list.

Do you have the one?! Your favourite place to visit? I want to hear about it in the comments below!!

  • Amanda

    So glad I was able to experience this majestic place and the incredible people! Hopefully one day when we road trip to NB we can fit this little place of heaven in to our journey.

  • Jaimie

    That 56 hr bus trip was so worth it. Plus that last minute trip to NYC!! One of my favourite trips ever!!! I so want to hit the east coast! Maybe you can fit me into your car for the next roadtrip!? xo

  • Lasina Jacobsen

    My favorite place at the moment is where I am right now sitting on the lanai typing this, the Big Island of Hawaii!!!!!!!! Today is adventure day as I venture up Mauna Kea to go stargazing, something I have wanted to do since coming here the first time. Happy travels everyone! 🙂