Venice in Photos

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My time in Venice was very brief. I had so many hopes and dreams for Venice, and my expectations were high going in. However, Venice was certainly not what I was expecting. The city itself was absolutely beautiful and quite photogenic. However, the tourist destination that Venice has become has seemingly taken away from a beautiful city. The main tourist paths through the island were absolutely packed to the brim with very little room to move. A small cup of coffee went for 18 euros near Piazza San Marco. Any of the shops that lined the streets were either designer or cheap and tacky tourist junk.

After stepping off of the main tourist routes, I discovered a beautiful city more or less abandoned. The silence was absolutely deafening. In my two hour meander through the city, the only locals I encountered were a couple of handymen who were fixing a broken gate and a pigeon taking a nap in the middle of a courtyard. That was it.

Here are some photos I managed to capture of this beautiful city.








graffiti in venice trees

dinner in venice